Love Storm  ~  狂愛龍捲風



with credits to Mandy who translated this page from a meanwhile missing Chinese website 

Zhao Jia Le (Vivian Xu Ruo Xuan)
"Even if he doesn't love me, it doesn't matter. At least I have tried my best!"

Jia Le is a beautiful, lovely girl that everyone is envious of. She has her own viewpoint towards love and has had it all along. For certain people, her criteria for love might seem as if it's too highly placed, but everyone that has met Jia Le would feel that "She is worth it.", feel that she everything that she possesses is the best there is, the most perfect. Perhaps, she is a bit impulsive, but that's because she doesn't want to go with the flow on things, doesn't want to be manipulated by people. Especially when it comes to love, she has never believed in the so-called matching in social status, matching in educational level. What she wants is an unavailing challenge, without difficultly - a hero who could carry her and run away with her towards happiness. For that hero and the love that she yearns in her heart, she wouldn't hesitate to throw away her pride, endure the anger and swallow her tears and goes as far as to throw away all that everyone is envious of! Even if everyone believes that she is too na´ve, too unrealistic. On the bumpy road of love, Jia Le repeatedly trips, repeatedly gets defeated, suffers all the hurt and difficulties, and has tasted all the sourness, sweetness, bitterness and spiciness… however, she still moves forward as before without any regrets. Because she believes, truly believes… that there will be a day when her hard efforts would be able to touch that hero's cold hardened heart.
Lu Ying Feng (Vic Zhou Yu Min)
"She better distant herself from me!"

A guy who isn't meticulous about his appearance, doesn't care or mind about things, doesn't have rules for anything, no orderliness. As long as "kimogi" is fine, then everything is good. An extremely commanding fellow. Ying Feng is a TV Shopping Channel's Marketing Plans Manager. However, it doesn't matter if it's fighting for business or selling products, the way that Ying Feng handles marketing is totally without a routine. He does things that would make people's eyes cross in confusion and startles people endlessly! He seems to dare to do anything at all, dare to speak about anything, has a tight grasp on human nature, making everyone happy to buy into his words. Has unique self-values and morals, always giving people a feeling that is between righteousness and evilness, a totally easy-going strength that is not restricted by anything whatsoever. This kind of Ying Feng always has on him a characteristic that is mysterious and strange… He doesn't get into any relationships and risks all to earn money. He hides a secret that no one ever knows about… When this wandering guy meets sweet, lovely, Jia Le, who bravely forges forward, a succession of unexpected things would happen. Would this be able to stir up the hidden, gentle emotions that he has within his heart, that he doesn't even know about himself?
Wan Bao Long (Ken Zhu Xiao Tian)
"I will prove to you that I will also do anything for you"

Jia Le's good friend since they were young. A new talent in the high tech world that just came back from America. A program engineer for an online game company… This refined, well-mannered guy is the Mr. Right that lots of women dream of having! Even if Bao Long has full points in everything, yet he has an inferior complexity as he was once a heavily over weighted person! Exactly what kind of determination caused Bao Long to suffer endlessly in order to successfully lose weight? Bao Long wouldn't say it, but Bao Long's heart was saw through by his caretaker, Tang Shu, who has watched Bao Long grow up and also has experienced a 20 year bitter love. Bao Long's secret is that he has always loved Jia Le. Jia Le, who has continuously encouraged him and knew about his grief during the time when he was still overweight. This has been deeply planted inside Bao Long's heart, making him willing to do anything for her, solving all difficulties for her… But Bao Long, who would sacrifice anything at all for Jia Le, does not have to courage to tell her "I love you." Even if his younger sister, Bao Zhu urges him, scolds him, pushes him; Tang Shu constantly supports him, helps him, but Bao Long only dares to silently stands by Jia Le's side. Eventually, Bao Long gathers up his courage, but on his unpredictable road to love, there suddenly appears a strong match for Jia Le’s hand!
Tang Shu (Qin Pei)
"You love her. She loves him… Aye! Life is like a blender, the more you mix, the more confused things are!"

Bao Long's family's caretaker. When he was young, he was Bao Long's father's personal servant. He has constantly done his best to uphold his master's safety and happiness. After Bao Long's parents left for America, Tang Shu stayed in the residence in Taiwan with his status as a caretaker. Until Bao Long, Bao Zhu returns back to the country, he continues to attend to these two children. He is good with his cooking skills, able to prepare a whole table of delicious food in a very short time. He plays an instrument and is very fond of the music named "The journey of love is ten million miles." He is a crazy fan of shopping on TV. He has a whole storage of distinguished products that he has shopped for… But within his graceful and abiding by the rules pace with how he does things, there actually is hidden a true character of wisdom! But Tang Ken, who thinks carefully of things, towards the people, matters, objects around him, he shows all his concern. Yet, inside his lonely heart he has hidden a regret that he has searched for for 20 years. Every time that he thinks about this love relationship that disappeared before he has a chance to even open his mouth, he would take out his instrument and play the piece of "The journey of love is ten million miles."

Mei Yun Sis (Jin Yan Ling)
"Who hasn't had regrets? As long as you are a human, then you won't be able to escape from regrets! A life with no regrets, how boring is that!"

The lady boss of a small Pub. Is a good friend of Ying Feng's, who he talks about anything with. Appears skilled, practical, yet she has a touch of foolish air about her. Even though she is close to mid age, but she still has the same appearance and attractiveness. Moreover, she has an easy-going personality, doesn't worry about the little things, so when she drinks, she's not talkative one bit. It's only that she must drink every day and each time that she drinks, she would get drunk and once she's drunk, she would talk about nonsense. This foolish woman who speaks what is on her mind, yells when she's angry, faces everything with an optimistic mind, when she is sober, she would always bitterly laugh at the regrets in life. Why is it that until now, Mei Yun is still unmarried? As the drama unfolds, the secret of the previous generation would gradually be revealed!

Wan Bao Zhu(portrayed by Xiu Qin)
"Even if you are overweight, you can still have happiness, ok!"

Bao Long's younger sister, a member of the Rock and Roll Peony Group, is good friends with Jia Le since High School. Because she is born with a round face, she is always laughed at by her fellow girl friends, saying that she has the potential to become a small chubby person. But being favorable towards food, she insists on: Even if she gets chubby, she can be very cute, very beautiful and very happy! Being optimistic and shining brightly is Bao Zhu's characteristic in attracting people! Within the Rock and Roll Peony Group, Bao Zhu is the most easy-going and easy-speaking out of the 4 members. However, when she finds out that her brother has a crush on Jia Le, between friendship and family, what would be Bao Zhu's choice?

Ai Lun (Zhang Yu Chen)
"Wearing high heels is putting a woman to the test to see how much pressure she can endure!"

A member of the Rock and Roll Peony Group. Very good looking body, has out of the ordinary taste for clothing, her appearance gives people a graceful and cold, unconcerned impression. Came back from studying abroad in England, majored in English literature. Personally thinks that she is a girl that understands love and understands men the most. Therefore, when Jia Le repeatedly gets refused by Lu Ying Feng, Ah Lun's most confident "Love's battle experiences" becomes Jia Le's teacher!

Ma Li (Wen Wen)
"If it was me, the first time that I see him I would 'do that' to him"

Another member of the Rock and Roll Peony Group. A girl with a personality that is carefree and frank, has a great body, when she speaks, she is always firing off! When Jia Le is faced with emotional problems, she would always be able to immediately provide the most startling, the most exploding and the most unimaginable answer! But when she has scared everyone to near death, she herself would have forgotten what the main point is already.

Jing Jing (Xu Wei Lun)
"You don't know $hit! If you like it, then why don't you possess it?"

Mafia leader, Ma Ye's daughter. Jing Jing, who doesn't have a mother, has always grown up in the palm of Ma Ye's hand. She grew up in a murderous environment filled with knives and guns. In Jing Jing's life, no one has ever said "No" to her! It just so happens that Jing Jing fell in love with a guy that is the only person that would say "No" to her. She loved very painfully but there was no other way. Not knowing "how to love", Jing Jing maddeningly, impulsively launches into a succession of "fighting for love" operations!

Ma Ye (Gou Feng)
"Life is like playing chess, if you don't move to the end, then you will never know the ending!"

Is the famous mafia leader. Loves making a good pot of tea, enjoy the peaceful happiness of planting flowers and taking care of birds. Ma Ye seems to be motionless to everything around him, but everything that happens outside would not be able to be concealed from the profound and good strategizer, Ma Ye. This leader, who is deeply respected by people, possess a small, tiny wish: He wishes that his daughter, Jing Jing, would be able to get the biggest happiness there is! Therefore, for Jing Jing, any obstructions there are, he would destroy it without holding back at all.

Hao Ge (Qu Zhong Heng)
"One saying: The mafia is -- a service occupation!"

One of guys that works for Ma Ye, whom Ma Ye heavily relies on. Hao Ge does things recklessly, but he is someone who is very serious about feelings and justice. When he was young, he was homeless and living around on the streets. Ma Ye took him in and for this reason, Hao Ge respects Ma Ye as if Ma Ye is his own father, practically follows everything that Ma Ye says. He is very good buddies with Ying Feng but in order to attain Ma Ye's wish, in the end, he eventually made a big mistake…

Liu Shu Hao (Chen You Fang)
"Work is something that after it's finished, you would get money from, but if love is lacking in fate, then even if you try hard for a whole lifetime, you would still not be able to obtain it!"

Ying Feng's colleague. Sells lots of shopping products from television and is also the replacement for the Personnel Director. Follows rules exactly as it is and doesn't change anything. At first, she really didn't like Jia Le, but finally, under the kind-heart and hard work that Jia Le shows, she supported Jia Le till the end!

Xiao Zheng (Guo Shi Lun)
"Aye, ruthless guys will always cause girls their sorrows!"

Ying Feng's colleague. In the company, he has the position which is responsible for the circulation of products. Ordinary school records, seriously tries to get to the top. The figure he worships the most is "Ying Feng."

  Micky/Mi Qi (Liu Ting Xuan)
"Manager Lu -- that, that -- Wa, I forgot"

Ying Feng's colleague. The little one in the company, a bit foolish, and always a step too slow. When she gets nervous, she won't be able to speak clearly either. But she has a good heart and is the first good friend that Jia Le is able to make in the company.