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Vivian Hsu

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"Vivian Hsu" is the stage name of a young Chinese woman who was born in Taiwan in 1975. What I found about her in the web, lets suppose that already in her childhood she had the gift to gain people's attention and sympathy in a playful (or even acting) way. Over the time this cute child grew up into a lovely beauty who set off early for her future on the stage. At first as a musician in a girl's trio but obviously with limited success. Really popular she became not in her Chinese homeland but in Japan as an actress and with music, video and movie productions that are quite unknown here in Europe - so I can't get my own opinion about it. In the web, however, there are lots of pictures of her, many of them of excellent quality. So I believe that Vivian Hsu acquired her worldwide reputation primarily by her activity as a model. She posed for instance for the photographers of Penthouse and Playboy, and of course a few of this pictures happened to reveal a bit more of her beautiful bare skin ...

Now and then, surfing in the web, I couldn't withstand temptations to look at pictures of attractive girls - I hadn't to search long times as numerous as they are. I discovered under the relevant URLs (besides much pornographic garbage) also beautiful, aesthetic photographs. So I came across my first pictures of Vivian Hsu fascinating me instantly and forever. Gradually I collected nearly all of Vivian's pictures available in the web, most of them proving what a sweet, sexy creature she is with her perfect build. Certainly clothes and cosmetics play an evident role for this. But it remains deeply impressive how Vivian easily lets you guess her age perhaps only two third of her 23 years just by her skilful mimicry and posing ....


The actual purpose of this homepage is to praise the beauty of the young, talented Vivian Hsu. May all websurfing people in the world who are not afraid to confess that they like pictures of this gorgeous young girl, take their pleasure in this creation.

I add a link to the International Fan Club of Vivian Hsu
(the original website is not more online. Instead you will see a backup which I made some time ago. Therefore the external links will probabely not  work).

And here my mail to the Club and the Clubmaster's reply

And finally some of my favorite pictures of Vivian Hsu

with a parasol

all dressed in white

all dressed in purple

flowered bikini

behind the rose bush

fluffy wool and patchwork

Vivian Hsu Poster

posing in deep thought

wrapped in white lace
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Falk Fallenstein -  February 24th 1998 - Germany