Correspondence with the "International Fan Club of Vivian Hsu"

My mail to the Club from December 25th, 1997:

Thank you for confirming my membership in the Vivian Hsu Fan Club.

Although meanwhile an almost 57 years old man, I have been loving and adoring pretty young women from far east as long as thoughts about things of love are in my head. As a twelve years old boy, I got a post card showing a cute japanese girl, still a child, dressed in a yellow skirt and holding a flower in her hands, and I put that picture in a frame and kept it long with me, until - I don't know how - I lost it.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, surfing in the Internet, I found my first pictures of Vivian Hsu and instantly was shure, that I will be a Fan of her. I would state that Vivian Hsu is the the most beautyful woman of the world in our times.

Then I continued searching in the Net for Vivian pictures. I was disappointed because I found lots of URL's having the name of my idol in their keywords list, but distributing nothing than raw hardcore stuff.

I'm really glad, that all the pictures with Vivian Hsu, I have got til now, are sweet, lovely, aesthetic and nice, without any tendencies to porn. That's why I love her so.

To come to an end: can you tell me addresses in Germany of people interested in Vivian Hsu? (Internet searches havn't been successful til now).

Sincercely Yours

Falk Fallenstein

The reply from January, 27th 1998:

Dear Falk,

Sorry for the delay in replying. we are suffering from a lack of hands for increasing world Vivian Hsu fans.

Although some German people belong to our fan club, I don't know German homepage of Vivian Hsu yet.

I hope you can make a page for her and all the German fans of her.

Because we promise we don't tell the members' address to others, we are sorry we cannot tell you these. But we can let your homepage on our world link, and tell the German members for the new Vivian page in German.


webmaster of International Fan Club of Vivian Hsu (vhsu-IFC)