ďIím only twenty now, still feeling like a child.Ē 


Vivian, coming from Taiwan to faraway Japan, who is trying hard to learn Japanese and exerting herself for her musical work. In order to find out all about this young woman she has answered 100 questions we asked her. Start reading this page and go on right to the end Ė and you will certainly deepen your knowledge of her.


(1)                 What is the origin of your real name? (徐若瑄  - Suu Roo Yan - thatís the Japanese pronounciation)
A prophetess has been asked and she said that this name were the best, so Iíve eventually got it. But probabely there is no deeper meaning behind it.

(2)                 What about your family?
My mother is a friendly woman and very wise. My father is often rather
frightening . If youíre doing something wrong he would scold you. My elder sister is always caring for me and my younger brother and she do all the housework. My little brother is a real dear. He has recently turned to 16 and is a good-looking boy; heís been on diet for just half  a month and lost 10 kg of weight.

(3)                 How are you called at home?
In Taiwan Iím called by my artist name, namely ďRoosenĒ.

(4)                 What is the very first event which you can remember?
Oh, I havenít such a good memoy Ö(laughing)Ö but in the time of  elementary school I played a trick and my father gave me a hiding for it.

(5)                 What did you wish for your later profession?

(6)                 Tell us a book that has moved you deeply!
Hemingwayís ďThe Old Man and the SeaĒ.

(7)                 And a film that really touched you?
Mel Gibsonís ďBravehardĒ.

(8)                 What is your favorite music?
Oh, Iím listening to different kind of music, Japanese, American, Mexican Ö and I love them all! Im choosing just after my mood.

(9)                 Your favorite color?

(10)              Your favorite season?
I love the autumn.

(11)              Your favorite saying?
我愛你 (ĄI love youď in Chinese)

(12)              Whatís the favorite sport that youíre exercising yourself?
Bowling (my best result was 256 points!), swimming, breaststroke is my strength.

(13)              Whatís the sport you are preferredly watching?
There is nothing that I markedly prefer. But Iím watching sport quite a lot.

(14)              Whatís your favorite food?
I love all food from Taiwan. Especially Konwantai soup with dumplings.

(15)              Your favorite drink?
Oolong tea

(16)              What do you dislike to eat at all?
Dorian Ė they stink!! Donít like Sashimi too!

(17)              What do you dislike to drink?

(18)              What of all in the world is totally disgusting to you?

(19)              If you were an animal, what do you think you would be?
No idea, perhaps a Koala? They are somewhat like me because they love to sleep. When Iíve seen them in Australia they clinged to the trees like cuddly toys and didnít stir at all (laughing).

(20)              The person Vivian Hsu Ė briefly
Someone who loves to be together with friendly people. NaÔve. So naÔve that Iím sometimes ďnodding like a doggieĒ without becoming aware of it.

(21)              What is your strength?
I can sympathize with others.

(22)              And your weakness?
I cannot stand to lose.

(23)              Do you think that you are already adult?
I believe that Iím still a child. Iím only twenty now (laughing)

(24)              What  did you frighten most since youíre living in Japan?
There are lots of  ravens. Once so many ravens fluttered around my house that I really got frightened.

(25)              The first phrases when you started to learn Japanese?
Good Night! Ė Good Morning! - bon appetit! Ė well done! Ė Goodbye!

(26)              What do you think is better in Japan compared to Taiwan?
The air is clean and everybody obeys the traffic rules. In Taiwan, nobody takes care of red traffic lights but the Japanese are waiting  orderly.

(27)              What do you think is better in Taiwan compared to Japan?
Taiwanese food is really delicious.  Wherever Iíve been in the world so far, there were always things that I didnít like to eat. As for eating Iím really fussy!

(28)              Where have you been in Japan already?
Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and straight away heading to Izo for a  photo shooting.

(29)              Where have been been in Tokyo so far (by yourself)?
Only to the convenience store round the corner (laughing)

(30)              Have you found new friends in Japan already?
Yes, people in the company!

(31)              Which time of day do you like most?
Bedtime! (laughing)

(32)              What would you like to have right now?
A boyfried!

(33)              What are you collecting?
Sunglasses. Iíve brought araund 10 of them to Japan. In Taiwan Iíve still many more.

(34)              What do you wear at home?
T-shirts and shorts.

(35)              What do you do first after getting up?
Eating. If I donít have to work Iím always waking up with the feeling ďIím hungryĒ. So Iím always starting my day with breakfast.

(36)              And what do you do first after coming home?
In Taiwan I always called friend and asked ďShall we go out and have fun together?Ē. Here Iím first taking off my makeup.

(37)              What do you do just before going to bed?
I think itís talking on the telephone. If I havenít talked to someone I cannot  conclude the day.  Sometimes Iím talking throughout half the night and Iím tired next morning (laughing)

(38)              How long does it take for your makeup in the morning?
Around 30 minutes.

(39)              Which hairstyle do you prefer?
A light and natural style. Just like Iím wearing my hair right now.

(40)              What is your favorite fashion?
There is nothing special but my taste is changing of course. If I wear cool clothing I wear the cool type Ė if I wear cute clothing Iím the cute little girl.

(41)              In which order do you have your daily bathing?
First Iím washing slowly down my shoulders and finally washing my hands. Hair washing comes after I alrady got out of the tube.

(42)              How long was your longest telephone talk?
Four hours. Actually I should have been sleeping that time (laughing)

(43)              How many clothes do you have?
Many many. I also have many shoes. Around 50 pairs.

(44)              And underwear?
Also many. Perhaps 20 sets.

(45)              Do you wear tangas?
Yes. When Iím sporting, at photo shootings or if I have pantalons on.

(46)              What do you do if you are sad?
Talking with friends at the telephone. Actually only this.

(47)              If you would be born once again, would you like to be a man or a woman?
A girl again. I have pity on men. After being married they have to take care fo the whole house, this is certainly a big stress. Isnít it finally better to be a woman that you can love tenderly?

(48)              What do you think is better with women?
In Taiwan the young men have to do the military service. I think itís good that you donít have to do this as a woman.

(49)              What do you think is enviable with men?
I want to give bith to a child but Iím rather scared of it. In this concern I envy men. Since you have to carry the baby 10 months in your womb.

(50)              Do you trust in God?

(51)              Do you believe in ghosts or Ufos?
Yes, in both.

(52)              What do you think is most beautiful in the world?
Love. Since I believe that love makes women as wll as men beautiful.

(53)              If you had a free wish, what would you choose?
That I would get three more free wishes (laughing)

(54)              What in your life was the biggest  mistake so far?
I skipped my piano lessons because I found them too easy though my mother had payed for it. That time I hadnít yet an idea how important it would later be for me. I didnít learn but hurt my motherís feelings and wasted money anyway.

(55)              About what do you feel the happiest?
Being the child of my mother.

(56)              What is your most saddening encounter?
I think something earnestly saddening didnít happen to me so far.

(57)              Tell us one of your habits.
Iím always combing my hair over the head.

(58)              What is your favorite type of men?
He should be smart, romantic and must never lie.

(59)              Which Japanese artist makes you thinking ďcool/attractiveĒ?
Ha, ha, ha Ö Kimura Takuya.

(60)              If you would have a date, where do you think you would like to go?
In an amusement park Ė Disneyland would be the best!

(61)              Who would be a partner for such a date?
A nice man who has his own ideas. I donít like people who are always asking: ďWhat should we do now?Ē.

(62)              Which sort of compliments do you like from men?
ĒYou are sexyĒ or ďYou are niceĒ.

(63)              When you are on a date, do you think itís ok to share the bill? Or would you prefer that the partner pays also for you ?
If my partner has enough money I would let him pay. If not I would feel sorry for him and everybody pays for his own part.

(64)              Tell us all countries where you already have been.
Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy Ö yes.

(65)              More places where you want to go?
To France, espacially to Paris!

(66)              If you would be washed ashore a lonely island, what would you like to have still with you?
My photo collection. And my Most Beloved One of course.

(67)              If you would find a hundred millions of Yen Ė what would you do with the money?
Build a weekend house for my family near to my own house. If you have a house you can easily spend all your life together. To live with my family is the most important matter for me!

(68)              If you had supernatural abilities,  which kind of them would you like to have?
The power to move from one place to another like a flash. If I want to meet my mother, I could fly to Taiwan within 30 seconds and the return so fast as well.

(69)              What would yo do if an on old flame of you would say that he loved you too?
If I currently had a boyfriend I would be happy but it would be all about it. If I donít be in love I would consider whether I still love him.

(70)              What would you do if you wake up in the morning and discover that you are a green caterpillar?
Thinking about the possibility to change back to my human life. If this is impossible I would go to the jungle and search for friends among the bugs. Then you have just to get used with this kind of life (laughing)

(71)              Did you already watch AVs?

(72)              What is particularly moving your mind in these days?
Eathquakes. Since yo cannot protect yourself against natural desasters.

(73)              Which persons are currently playing the most important role for you?
My family. They are certainly most important for me.

(74)              Which historical person would you like to meet?
Xi Shi. Among the people beeing mentioned in Taiwanese history textbooks, she is famous for her beauty and wisdom.

(75)              What would you like to do this winter?
I want to see snow. And go skiing!

(76)              Tell us three things being important for you.
My photo collection, my bed and my car (BMW).

(77)              To what you try paying attention  in your daily life?
To eat a warm meal three times a day!

(78)              To what you try paying attention  in your work?
Also to eat regularly. Since if you are are hungry you will soon be exhausted.

(79)              Are you superstitious?
Itís a superstition of Vietnam, but before going to bed I always make sure that no mirror is facing me.

(80)              When have your co-workers to keep an eye on you?
Unfortunately Iím using to knit my brows. Thatís what they have to look for.

(81)              With which actor you would like to shoot a love scene?
I didnít yet think about this.

(82)              What role would you like to play next?
Now, in the drama ďMiss DiamondĒ, Iím playing a girl from Taiwan. But I want to learn much more Japanese and play a Japanese woman later.

(83)              Singing and acting Ė where do you feel more self-confidence?
In either!

(84)              What do you think you would do after the next ten years?
Then, perhaps Iím neither an actress nor a singe anymore but fullfilling a motherís role.

(85)              Well, and what about after 20 years?
With 40 Ö then Iím perhaps already a Grandma (laughing)

(86)              And eventually after 50 years ?
Then I will invite all my relatives and friends to a huge meeting. I would show my whole photo collection to all of them (laughing). Maybe I would have wrinkled hands and no more teeth. But wouldnít I be more impressive than now?

(87)              How long do you think you will be alive?
The forune-teller said over 60 years. So maybe I should invite to the big party a bit earlier than in 50 years, shouldnít I?

(88)              Sometime in 10 years your child will discover your photos from ďAngelĒ. What will you tell about it?
Certainly my child will say:Ē Oh, thatís you Mama when you were young, yes? Why do you look so differently now?Ē and I would reply: ďAlso your Mama has once been youngĒ (laughing) and ďAlways remember: you are young only once.Ē

(89)              If you would have a second life, would you work in showbusiness again?
If I l like it I would do it again but I cannot say it that strictly. Perhaps it wouldnít be so bad to try another profession Ö Maybe I coud be the boss of a trade company (laughing)

(90)              How would you react if your children want to go into the showbiz?
I would respect their wishes. Since I think itís good to raise your children in a free way, like in America.

(91)              What would you do if you had one day vacation?
Sleep a whole day! (laughing)

(92)              What would you do if you had one week vacation?
Tidy up my flat, sorting my notes and letters and such things. And all the love letters too of course! (laughing)

(93)              What would you do if you had a whole month vacation?
A journey to Paris. If  I had a lover that time I would travel with him. If not I would be looking forward to a wonderful date.

(94)              Which artist is your role model?
All artists are different, therefore I donít have a particular role model.

(95)              What is your ideal image of a woman?
A woman who fulfills her work with full dedication, a good mother and a good wife at home.

(96)              Your dream of the future? (at work)
Although Iím an artist Iím still rather unknown and thatís a pity. So I want to became famous and want that everybody knows me.

(97)              Your dream of the future? (private)
Everybody who has seen the light of the day will die some time. Nobody can escape his destiny, so I will try to live my life as happy and merry as possible.

(98)              A word to the Japanese boys!
All women want to be loved by men, so I think the men should always be friendly. If  they donít yet know how this works they should listen to my song ďKuchibiru no ShinwaĒ (The Myth of the Kiss) und certainly they will understand it (laughing)

(99)              A word to the Japanese girls!
Do undauntedly all what you can do yourself and never miss your chances. I want to learn Japanese quickly and will tell you about all my experiences, also what has to do with love.

(100)       A word to yourself!
With all my efforts I will try to learn speaking good Japanese so that finally everybody out here will like me!



Text & photos:
BOMB December 1995 (Japanese periodical)

Eleanor (Japanese to German)
Hawkbit (German to English)