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Steffie posted this lovely image composition on Collecting Vivian in November 2006. Her own comment was

not big enough to be a wallpaper. hehe but i like it...

So I decided to post it at this place and I'm quite sure

you will like it too ...

Beebee's first Vivian Wallpaper

Beebee's second Vivian Wallpaper (Christmas post)

Beebee's third Vivian Wallpaper (Vivian Forever)

Beebee's fourth Vivian Wallpaper - simply beautiful

Riancu's lovely Vivian portrait
This beautiful piece of Vivian fanart

has been posted by Keiji on Cherrytea some time ago. Unfortunately neither Keiji nor me were able to find out author and source of  this wonderful picture. I'm posting it here on the Fan Station anyway - wishing to give credit but in vain.

Riancu's Vivian Biotherm portrait