Looking out for the Far East

December 1997, I joined the "Vivian Hsu International Fan Club" (IFC). They had a pretty website which was that time probabely the only English site which had not only pictures and song or movie lists but also good information about Vivian's development from the cute little child and her first experiences on the stage to the delightful, successful actress and singer she is nowadays. The IFC pages also sympathetically described that this career wasn't always fun and game(*). In the beginning, I had some email correspondence with the webmaster of the IFC who suggested to create a German Vivian Hsu Homepage in order to find like-minded people.


(*) Unfortunately this website, which has really been made with loving care, hasn't been updated for a long time - it seems that the webmaster has definitely retired from this wonderful project which was like a guideline for "Pro Vivian" in several respects. Many Vivian Fans, mainly from non-Asian countries, regret the discontinuance of IFC and its definitive disappearance from the Internet. But it isn't lost - Hawkbit has a backup - see IFC under Various Items