Dreaming of Vivian  (April 14th 2011)

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My very first dream (August 4th 2000)
I never had dreamed of Vivian before. But today in the early morning, around six o'clock, it happend. It must have been a very short dream and it was quite an odd scene. It took place in a small appartment similar to my home. There were women and men some of them familiar to me. It was like a mixture between a party and hectic atmosphere from furniture rearrangement. There was a big black wardrobe but one of the doors was stucked and couldn't be opened. The caretaker was called but even with a huge lever he didn't fix the problem. So I tried it again and really - just with a fair pressure against the left side of the wardrobe the door could easily been opened.

Just in this moment I discovered Vivian standing not far from me and letting fall down something out of her hand to the floor. Vivian looked like her pink Happy Past Days poster but had a more decent skirt on and maybe the hair a bit less curled. With a leap I was in front of her, picked up the item from the floor and gave it back to her. First she murmured something sounding less friendly so as she would express her annoyance that someone had obvserved her misfortune. But then she smiled her beguiling smile and and said, pointing to the wardrobe, about this : "Seems you are a clever guy, maybe there are more occasions where we need your help."

We stand face to face for a second and looked deeply into our eyes - then suddenly I had her in my arms holding her tightly and gave her a tender kiss on the left cheek very close to the ear. Vivian didn't move back - no sign of being embarrassed or angry. But after two or three seconds she gently got out of our embrace and the dream was over ...

My last dream so far (December 10th 2010)
I dreamt I've been attending the gala evening of a major Medical Congress (I was working in the field of obstetrical research until my retirement).

The banquet tables are laid with exquisite dishes and decorated with candles and beautiful flowers. Very soon I discover Vivian in the midst of the crowd and instantly go up to her. She wears a plain red miniskirt (similar to that she wore appearing in Shanghai September 2008 together with Peter Ho, the 600-day countdown of 2010 Expo) she and has her hair medium-length cut with a deep brown shade. I just start talking to her and straightaway she turns towards me. She doesn't show any astonishment - on the contrary - she talks to me (in German !) like a good, old friend who is pleased about the reunion after a long time. I don't hesitate to express my wish for taking a photo together with her and she agrees at once - she even seems to be all for the idea. But instead of my smart digicam I only find a heavy, totally antiquated cellphone in my trouser pockets. A full figured, middle-aged and glittering dressed lady is standing close to us. She's seemingly realized my misfortune and takes a camera out of her elegant handbag. But obviously she doesn't really know how to use it.

Meanwhile the place has become more and more crowded and a 300-pounds man - dressed in a black tuxedo - is moving towards us so fast that I'm afraid he would run us down in the next second. Taking Vivian by her waist and turning with her like a feather light dance step we manage to escape the threatening hit in the very last moment. Standing back again on our feet we directly see us confronted with a young men just taking a photo of us. Vivian, completely nonchalant: "He may keep this photo for himself. We don't need it since we have our steadfast friendship".

Hereafter the lady with the not functioning camera is talking to me again and introducing herself as "Ada Des" by name, she even shows me her name in the Congress program. She tells me that she's a confidante of Vivian (maybe a staff member or a distantly related person) and that I may trust in her honest help if I ever had a wish concerning Vivian.
(End of the dream)

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