The Night Viviting Song    (December 5th 2007)

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Past Friday afternoon, I had to give a lecture at a scientific congress (23rd Meeting of the German Society of Perinatal Medicine in Berlin). As for my professional life it was probabely my last public presentation at all but I felt stage fright as almost the same as 30 years ago when I entered that field of employment. 

A very nice relaxing encounter after the efforts was a visit of a life concert with "The Dubliners" later in the evening where I've been together with my two children Daniel (25) and Julia (22). The Dubliners are an Irish folk music group being worldwide known since the Sixties last Century and still active and successful with their original musical style. One of the five musicians belongs to the very first group members - an aged gentleman but still full of life and a gifted singer and Banjo player (2nd from right in the photo).

The band leader introduced the song with these lovely words: 
"It's the story of a young knight who rides his horse to the castle of his one and only love, knocks at her window, she lets him in ... next morning when he had to leave, he swang himself in the saddle and rode away. This song is telling what happened in between ..."

The Night Visiting Song

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