Black Biscuits    (July 4th 2007)

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Probabely you would first be reminded of this JPOP group that Vivian formed in 1997 together with Japapnese comedians Nanami and Amazan and (shortly before disbanding in 1999) with 2nd female vocalist Keddy from Shanghai. The Black Biscuits were very popular that time in Japan and released four singles - the last typically titled "Bye Bye" - and one album "Life". 

After more or less successful beginnings in 1991 with Shao Nu Dui the Black Bicuits period has to be considered as the actual start of Vivian's singing career. I'm not really fond of this kind of music and I only possess the "Life" album. Even today I would hear some songs from Shao Nu Dui rather than Black Biscuits but recently the latter came suddenly back to mind. 

What happened? LO.OK what my daughter bought during a routine shopping tour:

And what would you see after opening the blister package:

Looks like cookies but jet-black!

Is it really edible? "You must try'em! They are delicious! Worldwide best biscuits!" my daughter said. 
And I tried one ... two, three, four etc. etc.

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Black Biscuits - fit to eat!

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