Words of wisdom
 (November 16th 2005)

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Source: Roger's Art

Wer Großes will, 
muß zuerst das Kleine tun

(English, roughly translated)
Who wants the large must do the small first


reminds me  a little American poem found in a pocketbook which I bought in a department store in Pittsburgh, Summer 1978

Lern to creep before you walk
Learn to think before you talk

Learn to look before you jump 
Learn to stop before you bump

Learn to walk before you fly
Learn to live before you die

"A Few Grains of Corn from the General Store" by JOE CLARK, the Hilly Billy Snap Shooter (HBSS), Tennessy

HBBS also said:
Poor poetry is absolutely worthless
And good poetry brings about the same price

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