Vivian's secret relations to the Swiss financial business  (August 11th 2004)

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I have watched this Chanoma Girls video clip already several times but eventually only recently I discovered that Vivian's wooly hat is really a very special one. It's showing the logo and the initials of one of the top three bank companies of Switzerland - and is famous in the whole world:


When I lived and worked in Zurich from 1979 until 1986 I had my salary account at this bank:

Unfortunately my earnings have never been high enough in order to collect a couple of these precious items - sigh :(

I'm really wondering how Vivian got hold of this cap. She must have it quite a long time and I believe that I have seen children running around with these caps already in my Zurich times. Today CREDIT SUISSE has another logo but I don't know how long it is ago when they changed it.

This is the new plain logo. No graphics but the blue-red color design has been kept.

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