My first Haiku    (May 1st 2003)

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Recently I've been visiting my brother for a couple of days and at the end of a night with good dinner, good wine and good conversation - before going to sleep - I found a little book on the shelf near my guest bed: "Japanese poems". It was the first time I've heard about the Haiku style in Japanese poetry and I was amazed. I couldn't resist reading the whole booklet from A to Z before I put the lights off . Next morning I felt that I would try to write my first own Haiku:

Siu Suen so sweet
Be forever you my love
Love you by my heart

Siu Suen so cute
Be you always in my mind
Hold you tight all time

Siu Suen my love
Can't forget you in my life
Always think of you

Since English is not my native language I tried to achive a well-rounded sound of the words rather than grammatical correctness while composing these verses.

"Siu Suen" is probabely Vivian's pet name derived from "Tsui Yeuk Suen" - her real name as indicated in several Vivian Hsu websites. "Siu Suen" is also her character name in the 
"Devil Angel" movie.

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