Playing Memory   January 9th 2003)

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It's always an exciting game to find pictorial companions. We loved to played already as children - the game is called "Memory" and you have to find the matching pairs of cards with many different pictures lying upside down on the table or the floor. I think this game is worldwide known and I recall that we children played it often at home with our parents. Our Memory card-set had a very particular pair with the image of a little Asian girl in a white nightie just ready for bed (ah, really  innocent - don't think anything else, you guys).

Maybe I was 10 or 12 - I don't remember exactly. But I know that always when we played Memory, I was only keen to get hold of this particular pair of cards with my little Asian girl - that was more important than to win the game. Today I know that I was subconsciously fascinated with Asian females already from childhood. This came instantly back to my mind when I recently discovered the photo of World Princess China side by side with the breathtaking Vivian companion picture.

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Collecting Vivian

Now since I'm a Vivian fan, I like to play Memory with Vivian images. It's a little different because you don't have to bring a pair of identical pictures together but two images which show a high similarity - a certain pose or a certain blink of the eyes for example. You can play with yourself but it's much more fun to play it with someone else: you post your mate a certain Vivian image and ask him to find out the other image which you have in your mind as the companion.

Hey, who wouldn't mind to play some Vivian Memory with me

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