Vivian's 27th Birthday     ( March 19th 2002)
I sent my letter to her Tokyo agency

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Dearest Vivian, Happy Birthday to You !

For the forthcoming year I wish you a successful and satisfying progress of your career but above all much happiness, peace and harmony in your private life.

Although I know that your work isn't limited to trivial visions of a sugarcoated world, you have so often and so impressively portrayed the role of deep and steady love in human life with your musics and your acting play. Now, on the occasion of your 27th birthday I want to express my greatest hope that an affectionate and lasting love relationship will soon come true also for yourself. I do not believe that being in love - without having to hide or deny it to the public - would impair or even destroy a celebrity's popularity in the entertainment business although this has often been said in the press recently. I do wish all the best for you in every respect - also in the matters of the heart.

Year after year around the time of your birthday the early spring makes it's arrival here where I have my home. I love it when the nature is coming to life again - the most wonderful sign of this annual event is the rich blossom of all these beautiful yellow spring flowers. It's the "Yellow Season" as I like to call it and since I believe that Yellow is your favorite color too, my dear Vivian, this has become for me kind of a secret meeting of minds.

I hope you're celebrating your birthday with your family and all your other good friends - be shure that I'm also with you even if in a virtual sense only.

  Affectionately yours
(alias Hawkbit)

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