At the Baker's Shop   (November 4th 2001)

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This is not a Vivian story. Nevertheless I thought I can post it for the readers of  Night Bird's Letters, it's really so funny.

My two children have been on visit with me past week. The first morning after their arrival I went to the bakery round the corner and got fresh chrunchy rolls. During our breakfast I asked son Daniel (19) whether he would go to the bakery next morning. He agreed 
of course, so I told him this:

"There is a middle aged, rather full figured saleslady who normally serves the customer. But as soon as a second person is coming into the shop, a cute young girl will appear from the back room and help serving. So, my dear son, if you see that no other customer is in the shop when you arrive, stay outside and wait a little bit until you can enter as the second one."

"Ok, Daddy, I understand this." was the cool reply of my son. "Only what would you do when you're coming to the baker's shop, nobody is in there buying something, but someone else is already waiting outdoors?"

The first 5-star baker in Fulda
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best quality fresh from the oven

Well-done, my good boy. Once more you have shown your old Daddy 
that he is not the only person in the world with any brains.

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