Old Hawkbit to school again   (October 19th 2001)

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Watashiwa Falk desu.

Watashiwa doitsu kara kimashita.

Watashiwa nihongono seito desu!

Watashiwa mathematics-no sensei deshita.

Watashiwa biotechniques-no scientist desu.

Watashiwa Hsu Vivian ga suki desu! 
      ????? this is undoubtedly grammatically wrong, 
      I will tell perhaps more correctly later .... 
      the teacher just smiled but I think he understood


Yes, old Hawbit has decided to go to school again. The place where I'm sitting now every Tuesday evening 6:30 until 8:00 looks quite similar to what we see on this lovely photo of Our Princess and what I'm trying to do there is exactly the same what Vivian did: learning Japanese. Well, we are  just in the beginning phase and have passed our second lession - tomorrow evening the third will follow and we are still using phonetic transcription  - Japanese writing will not come before the 6th lesson. Anyway it's interesting and exciting to come together with good  a dozend of younger and elder women and men who try to learn a language rather exotic in our latitudes everyone having his own personal motivation to do this. 

After the beginner's course there will be also an advanced course. I hope  I can finish both successfully and will then be able to read and understand Japanese Internet pages about Vivian and to come a little closer to her - in a figurative sense at least. This is my aim and my motivation for this experiment.

List of recent letters