Lovely Harbingers of Spring   (March 30th 2001)

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The YELLOW SEASON is coming again! Each of these little blossoms is like a gentle reminder of Our Spring Princess Vivian since her favorite is Yellow as we know.

Last weekend I discovered the first crocusses in the meadows and gardens of the town altough it's still quite cold here in Fulda - sometimes night temperature dropped below zero. Anyway the narcisses began to open their buds a couple of days ago. And today morning I realized that the forsythia bushes are putting on their beautiful bloom dress.

And have we not seen so many images proving Vivian's preference of yellow things? This has been reported by the author of Wolverine's News and by the Webmaster of the  International Fan Club of Vivian Hsu and I consider both to be reliable experts on this matter.

List of recent letters