The Yellow Season   (March 24th 2000)

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These days, the most beautiful season is making its arrival here in the region of Fulda, the town where I live and which is located in the middle of Germany. Early spring is a wunderful time reflected by the wealth of yellow flowers and blossoms as far as your eye can see and I call it the "Yellow Season". Just a week ago the first forsythia branches opened, yesterday I've seen lots of yellow crocuses and the duffodils will follow soon. But most of all I'm looking forward to the thousands and thousands of dandelions which let the riverside meadows near to my home look like huge, golden lakes ...

found in the Web .. . somewhere ... some time ago:

Heard of the "Blue Flower" as the symbol of longing in Romanticism? And of tales about heros having searched for the "Blue Flower" all their life? For me, the myth of the "Blue Flower" is in fact YELLOW and therefore I'm so much delighted at the little picture above.

The "Yellow Season" - time of arising moods for love and tenderness, for harmony and happiness! Yellow has been my favorite colour all along. I eat from yellow dishes and work with yellow office utensils. I wear yellow T-shirts and sleep in yellow bed linen. And if I only had enough money I would afford a smart roadster - yellow of course!

List of recent letters