Vivian's 25th birthday   (March 19th 2000)

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A week ago I sent to Vivian this short letter:

Hi Vivian, Happy Birthday to you!

25 years ...
certainly one of the most important anniversary celebrations in our lifes. Treshold between youth and grown-up, not a little kid any more and already convinced making your life exactly as you want it! I know that this is your motto a while ago and you have managed your life in this way with great success. I have read all English-language information about you and seen probabely all your pictures in the Internet so far. I have tried to express my affection for you in a special homepage „Pro Vivian".

Please take it as my very personal present for your
 25th Birthday.

Have a good time on March 19th 2000
All my thoughts are with you !

Hawkbit from Germany


To tell the truth - I don't have much hope that she really had received the letter and I have much less hope that I will ever get a reply. Nevertheless I felt a strong desire to post her my best wishes and so I did. I have some champagne in my fridge and will now - all alone - drink to Vivian's health! May be I'll get a bit tipsy at the end ...

List of recent letters