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Nowadays, enough webspace is not such an expensive matter anymore. So it's possible to keep the older entries on this page permanently. This will give a nice history of the development of Pro Vivian from April 15th 2008 on.

August 9th 2016

Long time no Update. After almost 25 years working hard in the Showbiz, Our Beloved Vivian has finally found her true »Mr. No Problem« and married Sean Lee (36,  CEO of Marco Polo Marine, Singapore) on June 29th 2014. Here is a collection.of photos:

Festive Wed

April 14th 2011

Dreaming of Vivian

Yes, Hawkbit has dreamt of Vivian - not only once.

I'd like to share my very first and the currently latest dream in Nightbird's Letters.

February 20th 2010

Beautiful Day

Vivian's new single will be released in the first week of March 2010. I have already pre-ordered my copy. 

Click here for a sample of the song.

December 18th 2009

with all her unfailing vigour:

Vivian's comeback to Japan in 2009 / 2010 after a seven years intermission. Vivian's fans in Japan rejoice and the Japanese media as well.

Good friend Jeff has made a fine wallpaper using the best version of this photo currently available.





October 26th 2009

A new Miniposter in the Galleries

July 7th 2009      

 Vivian in Capri by Wil

This is an updated link in the Ties of Friendship section.

Enjoy Wil's report on his excursion to Capri in March 2007.
It's a Blogger document (, so posting comments is possible!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

and a new Miniposter in the Galleries

Jeff - Senior member of Hawkbit's Forums - grabbed a super-great version from the the promo shootings for Dermes Cosmetics, June 2009. 

April 28th 2009   a new wallpaper in the Galleries

created by HbF Member Jeff
very beautiful work ! 

I also changed the properties of the links to the full-sized WPs:
now they appear in a new browswer window or tab instead of being squeezed into the the frame structure of the main site.

December 20th 2008   CD covers in the Galleries

Sony BMG recently released a music album called The Essential with a compilation of Vivian's songs while she's been working under their label (two CDs / 28 tracks). Added scans of the CD covers and a sample track (32 kBit/sec).

December 5th 2008   one new Miniposter in the Galleries

credits to Dchen who created this beautiful image as a wallpaper sharing it with the members of Hawkbit's Forums.


November 5th 2008   two new Miniposters in the Galleries


  October 6th 2008

  a new Miniposter in the Galleries

October 3rd 2008

Love Storm is a television drama consisting of 21 episodes aired by the Chinese Television System (CTS, Taipei/Taiwan) in 2003. It's probabely Vivian's most important work after she returned from Japan in order to set a new start point for her career her own homeland and it came out with overwhelming success.

More in Various Items Love Storm 

April 21st 2008

a new Miniposter in the Galleries - see yourself

April 20th 2008

a new wallpaper in the Galleries

April 15th 2008
100 questions & answers 
Vivian's interview in BOMB magazine December 1995

"I’m only twenty now, still feeling like a child.” 

Vivian, coming from Taiwan to faraway Japan, who is trying hard to learn Japanese and exerting herself for her musical work. In order to find out all about this young woman she has answered 100 questions we asked her. Start reading this page and go on right to the end – and you will certainly deepen your knowledge of her.

(1) What is the origin of your real name? 
A prophetess has been asked and she said that this name were the best, so I’ve eventually got it. But probabely there is no deeper meaning behind it.

(2) What about your family?
My mother is a friendly woman and very wise. My father is often rather frightening . If you’re doing something wrong he would scold you. My elder sister is always caring for me and my younger brother and she do all the housework. My little brother is a real dear. He has recently turned to 16 and is a good-looking boy; he’s been on diet for just half a month and lost 10 kg of weight.


Read the whole interview