The wallpapers of Pro Vivian are primilarily designed for the use as background images at the Windows desktop on a 1024 x 768 screen. The main pictorial parts are located at the right hand side leaving space for around 40 .. 50 icons on the desktop (if you use automatic arrangement of the elements) without baring the sight on Our Beloved Vivian....

Click on the preview image viewing/for downloading the full  1024 x 768 pix wallpaper.

Note: newer Wallpapers may have a pixel-size of 1280 x 1024

This wallpaper is decorating Hawkbit's computer desktop at his office. I don't remember the final source of the picture but the pose is well known. Vivian - just relaxing or thinking hard about a problem?
This is Hawkbit's favorite desktop background on his computer at home. I've got it from one of the early wallpaper pages of Collecting Vivian.  Such a warm-hearted expression - taking and giving at the same time.
From Vivian's wonderful large-format calendar 1997 - photographed by Chen Wen Ping who also shot the the photos of Vivian's shshinshu Angel and Venus. One of the loveliest portraits of our young Vivian, isn't it?

A view from my balcony at the early night-sky over the roofs of my town.

Not Vivian related?
Oh yes - it is! Reminding of Vivian's tremendous hair tosses in the L...O...V...E...Love movie.

Steffie, our faithful Collecting Vivian member from Philippine, has made a couple of really wonderful wallpapers which she published at the forum first. But she allowed me to post them also here on Pro Vivian. Thank you so much, Steffie!

Cklick here to see all of Steffie's wallpapers.

The paper case of "Vivi and ..." CD Album 1280 x 1024
One for You - One for Me
"Vivian In Red Dress"

created by HbF Member Jeff (April 2009) 

1280 x 1024