The Miniposters are carefully selected and ready-to-print  image files. Click on the preview pics to get the large versions for download & saving. They can can be printed out in acceptable qualtity on most standard color-jet printers using photo-quality inkjet paper in A4 format.The best print results will be achieved if you use a graphics program (like Paint Shop Pro) and configure the printing scale to 100%. Choose a top and a left margin of about 5 millimeters - then the Miniposters should nicely fit to the paper sheet and don't forget to select the best printing quality mode.

The cover of Vivian's  solo album "The Secret of Happiness is Love". 

I love the fairy with her little silver coronet. 

Scanned from the little booklet which came with Vivian's album "The Secret of Happiness is Love". 

One of four lovely postcards included in the bonus package of the "Vivian #0928 X4" karaoke CD. Vivian's preference for beautiful homemade folklore dressing is convicing. 

This picture is the absolute highlight. Seen in a message of Keiji on Cherrytea Collecting Vivian forum. This is really a great found. Immediately I knew that it must be the next Miniposter for Pro Vivian.

This Miniposter is scanned from an insert of SEDA #5, May 2003. 

Peach John, Shibuya 109, Tokyo, Japan, 2003. 

Photos of Vivian in this orange-white swimsuit have been presented many times in the Internet in good quality. This Miniposter is scanned from. PENTHOUSE Japan May 1996.

Keiji named this photo "unbelievable" and I think he has chosen a very apt characterization of this terrific naughty pose. This Miniposter is scannend from the SCREEN magazine August 1996.

The Princess and the Frog - after the Brothers Grimm fairytale. This scan is made from one of four postcards which came with the Vivian's Wo Ai Ni x 4 Karaoke Songalbum. Thanks to Zargo who suggested to make a Miniposter out of it.

Our Beloved Vivian on a bike !
Scanned from the paper cover of "Hen Hen Ai" 3rd release. Please email me if you want to download this or any other miniposter in full resolution (find my email address at the top of this page).

The Face of Our Dreams
November page of the Biotherm calendar 2005

From Kidults magazine (Hong Kong), April 2006.
Our friend GstyleG posted a wonderful series of these photos on the Collecting Vivian forum of Cherrytea.

Vivian stole Keiji's heart in 1996 with this photo 

Vivian stole Hawkbit's heart in 1997 with this photo 

Vivian in Hangten & Trendy Fashion

Another Miniposter from PENTHOUSE May 1996.
What a grandiose posture! 
With special thanks to photographer Chen Wen Ping whom we're owing the most beautiful photos of Vivian in her young years ever.

This lovely photo has been taken on a beach in Hawaii. I've found it in the image gallery of Vivian's Yahoo blog Here I am Peekaboo and might be dated to late April 2006. On the preview image in the gallery is a little inscription:

Maybe someone who can read Chinese can tell us what it means ...

Keiji said once: "This thing OBV does with her skirts is one of her Patented VivThings". Here she did it at a Mode Marie event in June 2007. Thanks to WoAiVan who posted the link to this excellent scan on Tsinoy Forums

Still like an Angel - even 15 years after the shootings for her unforgettable photobook "Angel"

Vivian has released this expressive photo on her Yahoo blog "Here I am Peekaboo!!". It belongs to her activities  for "Vivi and ..."

Jeff, a good friend of mine and faithful member of Hawkbit's Forums, found this lovely picture in the Chinese website  Baidu,com

Another photo of Our Beloved Vivian in a pensive moment, also found in

Dchen - active member of Hawkbit's Forums (HbF) - has created this wonderful picture and called it "Angel in the Sky". It is originally scaled as a wallpaper (1280 x 800 pixels) which is also available for approved HbF members here. I love this image! It gives a sense of calm and harmony and even an impression of weightlessness. So I thought it would make a beautiful Miniposter too.

based on an Internet discovery by Jeff who is one of the most active members of Hawkbit's Forums (HbF). All I had to do was re-scaling the image file to the Miniposter ready-to-print-format.

Da Ma Fan - a scan from the CD booklet of this wonderful solo album.

If anyone has an idea or a special request for more new Miniposters - just contact me. I will try to do my best.


Viva Vivian
Our Princess of Love and Beauty