Ties of Friendship 
This is not a link collection in the customary sense since any lists on homepages with external links are highly susceptible to become obsolete very soon. So I decided to announce at this page only the work of webmasters with whom I'm friends or at least had some personal correspondence before. Furthermore, only websites in English or with English translations are listed so that the contents are readable for an international audience - and must comply with a kind understanding of Vivian Hsu's personalty.

Wil's Place starring Vivian Hsu

The speciality of Webmaster Wil is to create wallpapers of originality and beauty never seen before. In dozends of these wonderful pieces of artwork he's showing us Vivian at places and occasions where none of us would ever had expected to meet Vivian. And most pleasant: all the wallpapers come with some apt nice words - in French and in English and in German! Trilingual - a novelty. An international Fansite from Lyon/France/Europe par excellence. One more admirable skill of Wil is making absolutely great still shots from Vivian's movies - look for The Knot and Accidental Spy series, it's really worthwhile.
Un bouquet de mai

Wil's Blog, established May 16th 2006. A good place for entering into a contemplative conversation about Our Beloved Vivian. It's in French but I think Will would welcome also English written contributions.
Vivian in Capri

As we certainly know, Vivian's famous Photobook ANGEL has been shot in Sicily and Capri in 1993. In the early spring of 2007, Wil has travelled to Capri in order to follow "the footsteps of an Angel". Although he had only a couple of hours for this trip he has taken a lot of wonderful photographs of those pittoresque places where Vivian and her photographer Chen Wen Ping created ANGEL fourteen years before.  Enjoy Wil's lively and moving report about his excursion.