Pro Vivian hasn't it's own BBS or guestbook. The reason for this is that the international World of Collecting Vivian has already a very good online board:

the Collecting Vivian forum on Cherrytea Forums
Cherrytea consists of several discussion forums each with it's own subject area. One of these forums is called "Collecting Vivian" and has developed to a highly popular board among Vivian Fans. You can open new topics (threads) within a forum so that the contributions to the topics are not interrupted by other threads. With Cherrytea you can nicely format your posts with a basic set of HTML functions. Cherrytea reqiures signing up for a membership for full participation.

The Webmistress of the former Collecting Vivian fansite has opened this Vivian Hsu related forum and moderated it in a diligent and competent way for a long time. Even if the Webmistress has turned down her efforts (supposedly due to professional strain) the communication on this board is unbroken and several people from all over the world - some of them enthusiastic Vivian fans - are regularly posting new Vivian images, English translations of Japanese or Chinese press and magazine reports or just their personal opinions abaut Vivian news.

So I thought there is really no need to create another online forum for Vivian Hsu fans claiming international implications - I cannot do it better.

Backups of special topics from the Collecting Vivian Forum
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Topic opened by backup date
Questions Regarding Nude Vivians Ginyuu December 14th 2004
Smashing Pix GstyleG January 8th 2006
Ten Years Ago ... Wil April 26th 2006
Vivian's Bikini Central Keiji June 24th 2006
 got some VivPix to share - The Knot events & more Keiji January 23rd 2007
The Beauty Gun (Biotherm) Keiji August 28th 2007